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As part of improving our site, we intend adding more information on Northumberland generally. This will be centered on the Farne Islands, Seahouses, Bamburgh and Beadnell as part of the Neighbourhood Plan. I also want to look more into the ship wrecks of our coast. Any photos, comments, stories or ideas are welcome.

as an inert mine used to exercise mine-sweeping and mine-hunting crews ensuring that the United Kingdom remain as on the world leaders in the field.

The Mk17 is a ship-laid buoyant mine that can be fitted with 11 contact horns as well as other actuation devices and weighs 560kg without the further attachments. Fitted with over 220kg of explosives, it packs a meaty punch and mines similar to this were used during WW2 not far from the Farne Islands, stretching all the way down to Hull. Converted and confirmed explosive free (don't panic!), the mine is on 'permanant loan' to the Village lights charity from Petty Officer (Mine Warfare) Barry Gardner, Royal Navy who lives locally.

Wreck Map

Farne.co.uk has produced a wreck map that are on sale now. Get your copy locally from Cubbies or the Olde Ship. They cost £6. The map shows not only wrecks but the near misses too, such as the Danio that grounded on the Islands in 2013 and also includes the wrecks near Holy Island.

Interactive Map.

We are currently researching all the wrecks of the Northumberland coast. Keep coming back to see how we get on

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